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Fabric beds


All Felis upholstered beds are produced in the company's headquarters in Italy, with certified materials, by qualified people. The construction techniques are updated and evolved following the developments in the sector.
Producing upholstered furniture is still, in many ways, a manual fact. In the many cases in which this processing is indispensable, it is used without reserve, in order to achieve the best quality result.

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Taftà is a collection of upholstered furniture that comes from the knowledge and craftsmanship skills typical of Brianza. A daily effort that sees its result in the always thoughtful shapes and proposals of a quality, creative, innovative and never banal product. A product that accompanies over time, that fits in your environments to give you the pleasure of being lived, to represent your style and your way of being.


Crippa Salotti, a company known for years for the production of classic and modern design upholstery.
The wide range of products and the ability to customize them allows Crippa Salotti to look out over a wide spectrum of the market, to satisfy the needs of rest and relaxation of each of its customers. A company that looks to the future without forgetting the added value of the Made in Italy artisan product where it has its roots.

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