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Sangiacomo is a company that produces modular programs of modern design furniture for living and sleeping areas and which has achieved success thanks to the courage, creativity, and passion with which it has worked to achieve the objectives set: to build over time an ever better relationship between the quality of the products and their price.

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Doimo Design has always stood out in the production of furniture for the living area and for the sleeping area such as classic and modern living rooms and bedrooms.
In recent years Doimo Design has focused on the restyling of its product, redesigning solutions for the home that stand out for their high stylistic impact and their fine finishes.


Design, trend, contemporaneity: the company stands out for an innovative approach to the product dictated by continuous research in terms of shapes, materials and color combinations. The minimal aesthetics are perfectly integrated with the must of functionality and versatility, and the compositional simplicity, which Maronese ACF suggests with extreme style, make the company offer highly current and refined.

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