Upholstered beds

Borghi Mobili


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All Felis upholstered beds are produced in the company's headquarters in Italy, with certified materials, by qualified persons. Construction techniques are updated and evolve following developments in the sector.

In many ways, creating upholstery is still manual work. Where such work is essential, as it is in many cases, it is employed without reservation in order to achieve results of the highest quality.


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Taftà is a collection of upholstered furniture that stems from the knowledge and craft work typical of Brianza. A daily effort that results in an innovative, creative, quality product in carefully thought out shapes that is never dull. A product that lasts over time, which fits into your environment and gives you a pleasurable experience while representing your style and your way of being.


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Crippa Salotti, a company known for years for the production of classic and modern designs of upholstery.

The wide range of products and the ability to customise means Crippa Salotti can satisfy the rest and relaxation needs of a wide spectrum of the market. A company that looks to the future without forgetting the added value of the handmade, Made in Italy products, where its roots lie.

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