Children/Teenagers bedrooms

Borghi Mobili


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After over 50 years of tradition, passion and dedication, ZG Mobili has established itself in the world: 2 thousand sales outlets and 50 agencies throughout Italy, numerous dealers in European and non-European countries.

The attention to quality, design, customisation of the arrangements and end service to the customer are fundamental prerequisites for all the organisations that want to collaborate with the Company and contribute to its development.


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Marka presents a collection of bedrooms designed for children on the move, with the unique style and design of the MOVIDA program.

Spaces designed with care and love in which children can play and read independently, freely and safely.

JUMP move every day, light and happy like clouds.


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Dearkids is a company that has been designing and manufacturing children's rooms for over forty years. 

Generation after generation has followed the changes in taste, the changing needs of space, the growing desire to use the bedroom area during the day also and has transformed this input from the world of children and their parents into products that follow the principles of creativity and quality.

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